Autoitlauncher screenshots

The Design Modus, Command Editor, Move Modus, Editor, Directory


The Autoitlauncher Design Modus.

In The Design Modus you can

If everything is Designed you can simple use the functions reload & save and restart the program.

autoit examples

The Autoitlauncher Command Editor.

Here you have a screenshot of the command editor in autoitlauncher with a autoit example script.
In the command editor you can :

Push the reload save and restart button and it is done.

autoit commands

Move Modus.

In the Move Modus you are able to resize the window or move the window.

autoit move tool

The Autoitlauncher Editor.

In the editor you will see the whole autoit program of autoitlauncher. (other scripting languages is also possible)

You do not need to change something in this editor , only if you want to copy and paste a blok of code to a other location, or do a fine tunings..

autoit editor

The directory of Autoitlauncher.

In this screenshot you can see the directory of autoitlauncher.
If you run the 4 make backup.bat you can make a complete backup in one click..

autoit directory